Custom Solutions for Prolonging Machinery Life,
Increasing Production & Reducing Machinery Wear

Special conditions require special solutions in the sugar industry. The production of sugar involves crushing, clarification, evaporation and crystallization, centrifugation, drying and packaging. In addition to these processes, operating conditions like high loads and temperatures, dust, water, corrosion, oxidation and possibility of incidental contact must be managed effectively.

DT Industrials’ Research and Development team can help prolong machinery life, increase production and reduce wear on essential components. Through the various combinations of oils and greases including NSF registered H1, H2 and H3 lubricants, DT Industrials is ready to work for you. Whether your goal is to combat contamination through the application of high adherence and high washout grease, ensure the safety of your product with the application of NSF H1 registered lubricants on centrifuge bearings and conveyor belts, or protect chains with a synthetic oil, DT Industrials has a solution ready.

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